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Nikki Usher: “Who Needs Newspapers?” It’s fewer people than publishers seem to believe ...

The Texas Tribune shows why non-profit online journalism matters ...

Social media

McClatchy Strategy: Go Big and Small to Create ‘Moments’ With Each Reader ...


Nikki Usher: The Appropriation/Amplification Model of Citizen Journalism: An account of structural limitations and the political economy of participatory content creation. The rise of social discovery tools and algorithms is also addressed. ...

Political Turbulence: How Social Media Shape Collective Action
Helen Margetts, Peter John, Scott Hale, Taha Yasseri
Date Published: 1 November 2015
This book demonstrates how data science and experimentation with social data can provide a methodological toolkit for understanding, shaping, and perhaps even predicting the outcomes of a new "democratic turbulence".

McGuigan, Lee & Manzerolle, Vincent  2014: The audience commodity in a digital age: revisiting a critical theory of commercial media.

Chapter Twelve. Capital’s New Commons: Consumer Communities, Marketing and the Work of the Audience in Communicative Capitalism: Detlev Zwick & Alan Bradshaw ... ... 

Alan Bradshaw ...

Floridi, L. 2014: The Fourth Revolution. How the Infosphere is Reshaping Human Reality. Oxford: Oxford University Press. ...

Mark Graham, William Dutton (Eds) 2014: Society and the Internet: How Networks of Information and Communication are Changing Our Lives.



The Digital Engagement Guide
Social media tools

Digital Journalism

Digital journalism - new possibilities

1: Increase transparency by providing hyperlink sources. 
2: Increase understanding by providing further background information. 
3. Add to deliberation and follow-up communication by providing a platform for interactive exchange. 

Humprecht and Esser 2016: Mapping digital journalism: Comparing 48 news websites from six countries. ... PDF

Mellado 2014:
...  citizen deliberation by improving an understanding of complex issues. 
(Humprecht and Esser 2016:2). ... PDF

Journalistic Role Performance: Concepts, Contexts, and Methods (Routledge Research in Journalism) 23 Nov 2016
by Claudia Mellado and Lea Hellmueller 2016.
... The authors of this book analyze the disconnection between journalists’ understanding of their role and their actual professional performance ... ...


Skovsgaard, M & van Dalen, A 2016, Not Just a Face(book) in the Crowd: Candidates' Use of Facebook during the Danish 2011 Parliamentary Election Campaign. i A Bruns, G Enli, E Skogerbø, AO Larsson & C Christensen (red), The Routledge Companion to Social Media and Politics. 1 udg, Routledge, New York, s. 351-363.

Skovsgaard, M & van Dalen, A 2015, Dodging the gatekeepers? Social media in the campaign mix during the 2011 Danish elections. i G Enli & HM (red), Social Media and Election Campaigns: Key Tendencies and Ways Forward. Routledge, London.

Morten Skovsgaard ...


Citizen journalism



Citizen journalism/borgerjournalistik


Investigative journalists

Story-Based Inquiry: A manual for investigative journalists

Data journalism pt4: visualising data – tools and publishing 

This is a draft from a book chapter on data journalism, which looks the charts side of visualisation).

Local journalist competencies

Knowing your local community, including tastes, customs, passions, and sources

Choosing which stories to highlight, and which to ignore

Crafting clever and SEO-friendly headlines, writing tease copy, choosing and cropping appropriate images

Sourcing and managing content from partners

Reporting and writing engaging and exceptional news stories and blog posts from primary or secondary sources on deadline

Incorporating data and audience feedback in programming decisions

Monitoring blog comments, surfing similar sites for story ideas

Familiarity with SEO, RSS, Twitter, Facebook and other social media

Qualifications for this role include:

Bachelors degree, preferably in journalism or media

Minimum 3+ years online and 5+ years overall experience at a major media outlet in your market

Minimum 1+ year experience syndicating content

Comfort with online publishing tools including more than one at a time

Basic HTML and Photoshop skills

A thorough understanding of editorial best practices, and an authoritative grasp of the AP Stylebook and Chicago Manual of Style


Yahoo: ...

Yahoo: Local Editor, San Jose




Mediactive 1.0


Again, the basics:

1.Whether you create your own media or not, you need to join the conversation when people are talking about you or your work.

2.Creating media and joining conversations will get you only part of the way. You also need to create your own online home base, one that you truly control.

Hele bogen:

Artikel uddrag:

Hyperlocal website reporting on the area of London where the Guardian now lives – King's Cross.

What Mr Rusbridger didn't touch upon, either in his reference to the hyperlocal blogger or more generally, is the issue of editorial policy. Where the Guardian falls down for me is in its failure to identify the roots of many of the different problems that we face as a web of inter-connected societies. It is almost apolitical even.

This is true for all the problems traditionally seen as dear to us sandal-wearing, bearded, lentil-munching Guardian readers. The roots I am talking about are capitalism and money, particularly the requirement for money to provide a return to those with near monopolies on creating and lending it.

Code for America
For connecting local governments with geeks to empower democracy.
Code for America blev startet af Jennifer Pahlka og Andrew Greenhill, borgmester i Tucson.

Jennifer Pahlka på Wikipedia
OII reward

Research in hyperlocal marketing


Hyperlocal Websites Directory

OpenlyLocal service had broken so we decided to replace it all, keeping the data and do a simple rebrand as ...

William Perrin - Founder of Talk About Local,

Local initiatives in the UK

Talk About Local: a UK-based organisation specialising in training people in their communities ‘to find their own online voice for free’

NESTA: Destination Local: Local projects jointly funded by Nesta, the Welsh Government and Creative Scotland

mySociety: A project of UK Citizens Online Democracy (UKCOD), running sites such as FixMyStreet, WhatDoTheyKnow, TheyWorkForYou and WritetoThem

OpenlyLocal directory of hyperlocal sites: this useful list is hosted by OpenlyLocal, a project aiming to make local government more transparent
Closed: Now:

Carnegie Trust Neighbourhood News: a competition supporting local news reporting through five partner projects

Media Trust Local 360 Network: a UK-wide community of ‘citizen journalists, community reporters and local storytellers’

Cardiff University Centre for Community Journalism: a Cardiff School of Journalism, Media and Cultural Studies (JOMEC) project building a network of hyperlocal and community journalism in Wales

Scotland ... ...

Laura Hamilton Thomson
Can the creation of Community Networks
enhance social capital in rural Scotland?
Dissertation ... 2001 ...


Agnes Gulyás and Ferenc Hammer 2013: Public Service Media in the Digital Age: International Perspectives. Cambridge.
Chapter 9: A. Gulyás: ... local communities ... ...

Radcliffe 2012
... hyperlocal sites ... ...

Williams 2013:
... study of more than 400 local sites ... ...

Coleman, S., Thumim, N., Moss, G. 2016: ‘Researching local news in a big city: A multimethod approach’, International Journal of Communication, 10 (2016): 1351-1365. ... 

Kennedy, D. 2013: The wired city. Reimagining journalism and civic life in the post­newspaper
age. Amherst, Boston: University of Massachusetts Press.

Review: The wired city.
In The Wired City, Dan Kennedy tells the story of the New Haven Independent, a nonprofit community website in Connecticut that is at the leading edge of reinventing local journalism.