Strukturering af det lokale i lande og sociale medier.

Definition af det lokale:

Ali, Christopher 
Ali, Christopher 2017: Media localism: The policies of place.
University of Illinois Press. ( (amazon). (Google Books). ...


Could local news driven by residents who pay fees in a special service district…work? ... 

Community Information Cooperative


Lokaljournalisme i lande

Lokaljournalisme i Danmark

Lokaljournalisme i England

Lokaljournalisme i Norge

Lokaljournalisme i USA

Radical Localism
Radical Localism does not mean anarchism, but a rejection of neo-liberalism. ...

Sociale medier

Lokaljournalisme på de sociale medier

Facebooks lokal initiativ

Networked J.

Networked Journalism
Networked Journalism is a hybrid of Citizen Journalism and Mainstream “professional” journalism. ....pdf


21st Century Newsroom ...

Online Journalism Review

Participatory placemaking 

Recoded City: CoCreating Urban Futures  
Thomas Ermacora and Lucy Bullivant, Recoded City: CoCreating Urban Futures (New York: Routledge, 2016).
Recoded City sheds light on a new epoch in the relationship between cities and civil society by presenting an emerging range of collaborative solutions and distributed governance models. (Amazon. Amazon sample). ( (Google Books). 

Progressive localism 
David Featherstone, Anthony Ince, Danny Mackinnon, Kendra Strauss and Andrew Cumbers, “Progressive localism and the construction of political alternatives” Transactions of the Institute of British Geographers (2012): 1-6.

Innovation, Design, and Democracy 
Making Futures: Marginal Notes on Innovation, Design, and Democracy (MIT Press 2014),
by Pelle Ehn, Elisabet M. Nilsson, Richard Topgaard.
... multiple futures imagined and made locally ...(Amazon).

City 2.0  
City 2.0: The Habitat of the Future and How to Get There (TED Books Book 31),
by TED Books (Editor).
...  How can we transform cities to be sustainable, efficient, beautiful, and invigorating to the human soul? And practically speaking, how do we get from here to there?  (Amazon).

New Utopia 
Smart Cities: Big Data, Civic Hackers, and the Quest for a New Utopia by Anthony M. Townsend.
... Smart Cities ... a new civics to guide our efforts as we build the future  ... (Amazon).

Case: New York City 
Streetfight: Handbook for an Urban Revolution 
by Janette Sadik-Khan, Seth Solomonow.
... Breaking the street into its component parts, Streetfight demonstrates, with step-by-step visuals, how to rewrite the underlying “source code” of a street ... (Amazon).


Det lokale og markedsføring

2017 the Year of the ‘Micro Moment’
A micro moment is the point at which a consumer searches for nearby information, for things to do, buy, or learn in real-time. ...

Borgerjournalisme ...

Lokale og regionale medier 
Sådan dækker lokale og regionale medier Danmark. 
Flere steder i landet er overkommunikerede, mener Anker Brink Lund ... ... 


How journalism startups are making money around the world

Lifestyles based on Localness and Slowness? 
80% of people in France, Germany, Spain and America view their pace of life as too fast! ...  


Why Even Top Local News Sites Can’t Compete With Facebook on Ads ... 

Om Facebook-pixlen 
Opbygge annoncemålgrupper. ...