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Augmented Reality (AR)
Virtual Reality (VR)
Mixed reality (MR)


How to get involved in the rise of 360-degree video -

Immersive technologies   
The #ARforChange Project: Using immersive technologies and data for social change.
Layering urban data on top of Google Street View. ... 

VR tools

Google Cardboard 
Immersive experiences in a simple and affordable way ...

Vrse app til mobilen
Extraordinary stories in virtual reality

Google Jump
Jump camera rig consists of 16 camera modules in a circular array.

Augmented Reality

Augmented Reality-journalistik
Værktøjer til at skabe AR-løsninger:
Wikitude, Layar og Appy Pie ...

Virksomhed der tilbyder AR

How are industry leaders thinking about the future of VR? 

immersive journalism ...

Havana VR

Havana Streets During President Obama's Visit to Cuba
ABC News #360Video. 20/2-2016 ...


Indlevende journalistik - immersive journalism

ABC News begyndte at eksperimentere med immersive nyheder i 2015.

Med Google Cardboard er det billigt for brugerne at få en VR-oplevelse.



ABC News Ventures Into Using VR For Immersive Journalism. 
Scott, Caroline. Tech Times 18/9-2015. ...

How to get involved in the rise of 360-degree video 19/2-2016. ...

9 tools for journalists to produce immersive stories
Rachel Bartlett 15/10-2013. ...

Virtual reality: Du er der, når bomben springer
Heltoft, Nikolaj.19/12-2015. ...

Virtual Reality: Plant læseren midt i historien 12/5-2015

Immersive journalism

Journalism in the Age of Virtual Reality
Nonny de la Pena (Future of StoryTelling 2014).


How virtual reality will impact journalism
By Francesco Marconi ...

VR cases


Nepal: After the Earthquake
Inside North Korea
Inside Syria VR ...

Machu Picchu ...

Syrian Journey: Choose your own escape route ...
Omtale af "Syrian Journey" ...

Gorillas in the Congo
A Jump VR Video ...

Speed Flying in 360°
Samsung Gear 360 ...

VR links

VR virksomheder

Emblematic Group
Emblematic Group is a virtual reality company that builds for the Oculus Rift and other customized goggle and tracking systems.

Jaunt VR.

Samsung Gear 360 ...

Shorthand - Beautifully simple storytelling